Renovation & Energy Loans

Renovation and energy loans address the need of homeowners to finance improvements and energy efficiencies on their home.  Prior to the availability of renovation loans, homeowners only had a few alternatives.  There were 1) Pay for improvements in cash.  2) Do a cash-out refinance based on the current value of the home.  3) Take out an equity line or loans, again, based upon the current value of the home.  This still places the burden of funding the improvements on the homeowner.  Renovation and Energy loans solve this problem.

Winterwood specializes in renovation and energy loans, we work for our clients, taking the time to understand your situation and placing your remodeling loans with the lender whose renovation or energy loans match your needs.  These niche loans are so specialized within the mortgage banking process that most brokers do not have the experience to guide you through this complex process.

Renovation and energy loans allow you an opportunity to refinance your current mortgage or purchase a new home and fund the improvements.  Renovation loans are then modified at the completion of the improvements to a permanent loan product.