Mortgage Loan Originator

Winterwood Mortgage Group, LLC has existed since January 4th, 1992. The Company was the brainchild of James M. Landwerlen, when in 1991, he dreamed of becoming the go-to mortgage lender on Indianapolis' South Side. He knew he could use his CPA and Financial Planner skills to build a personal finance company in Greenwood, Indiana - just outside the county limits where he grew up. Winterwood was born as a Partnership in 1992 to better serve the Indianapolis market. It was not long before Jim and his colleauges had sold their first $1,000,000,000 in mortgages - a trend that continues to this day.

With now well over $6,000,000,000 in residential mortgages sold, Winterwood still believes in the principals it was founded on - honesty, integrity, service, and quality. Today's Mortgage Loan Originator possesses all four of those, with a few other tangible skills listed below:

  • Must possess mathmatical skills

  • Should be professional in character

  • Needs portfolio of contacts to be immediately successful

  • Must be able to navigate computer systems. Including:

    • Microsoft Outlook

    • Microsoft Excel

    • Microsoft Word

    • Calyx, Encompass, or Byte Pro

    • Fannie Mae 3.2

    • Fannie Mae Desktop Underwriter

    • Credit Plus, CBC, or Other Online Credit Companies

    • Velocify, SalesForce, or Other CRM Experience Necessary

  • Proficiency in loan programs, ie: FHA, VA, HECM

  • Solid personal skills, desire to assist no matter the circumstance, and understanding of small business decisions

Position can be very rewarding as ideal candidate should have an overall desire to assist the general public with what is invariably the largest purchase they will ever make. The satisfaction comes from the successful transaction that improves the client's personal finances, standard of living, and/or sense of pride as a homeowner. Candidates must be willing to grow as an individual and be sensitive to relationships whether with referral sources or clients alike. The ideal candiate has built referral relationships through networking and will continue to market themselves regularly with the desire to do more each and every day.

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