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Nine Reasons to Work with Winterwood Mortgage

Posted by James Landwerlen on Thu, Jan 23, 2014 @ 01:12 PM

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A longtime mortgage professional and former employee of mine used to have on his business card the mantra "Experience Matters." That could not be more true today as it was then. Recently, an article in Mortgage News Daily promoted the Nine Reasons that Argue Against Being in the Mortgage Business. In this article, Karen Deis outlines nine different reasons why she believes you are in the mortgage business - either right or wrong. Since Winterwood still believes that "Experience Matters," I have written in response to her nine reasons a new set of reasons as to why Winterwood Mortgage Group is the right mortgage group for you.

Here are the Nine Reasons to use Winterwood Mortgage Group, LLC in BLUE preceeded by the point from Deis' article.

  1. "You’re In It for the Money—LOs can make an obscene amount of money, but not without doing what it takes to be successful, including investing in education, classes, database software and marketing strategies." We are not in it for the money - We service our client's needs first, and we believe profitabiliy will follow

  2. "You Are in Charge of Your Own Schedule—Of course you are, but the failure to “schedule” each day and each activity will hold you back." We service you on your schedule, not ours

  3. "They Told You It Would Be Easy—If that were true, everyone would be doing it." We have originated over $5,000,000,000 (that's five billion) in loans, and we have an established pattern of success

  4. "People Like You, So They’ll Do Business With You—While being likeable and sociable will get clients in the door, it isn’t enough to keep them there unless you know how the entire loan origination process works." We earn your trust and respect

  5. "No Sweat! You Are Supported by a Team—While that’s great, what would happen if one of the team members left? Do you have the skills to fill in? Continually improve your own skills, because you won’t always be on a team." Winterwood has been in business for over 20 years - many employees have been with us for over 15 of those

  6. "You Are Good at Marketing and Getting Leads—See No. 4." Our prior clients support our years of success

  7. "You Work for a Top Company—Well, every company calls itself a “top” company. While the company is important, people only do business with people who can help them through the complicated mortgage process." Winterwood is consistently in the top twenty of mortgage originators in Central Indiana

  8. "You Are a Hard Worker—Yes, this business is hard work. But if you spend every waking hour at the office or on the phone, you are working “hard” and not “smart”and will eventually burn out!" Our job is to make the process easy for you

  9. "They Promised to Train You—You are not getting business because you are sitting around waiting for someone to train you? If the company promised to train you, constantly bug them to get the training you need. If they still aren’t training you, take on the responsibility of training yourself." All of our loan officers are licensed, trained, and most of all very experienced

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